Ticks and dogs

Ticks are another common problem that every dog owner needs to be aware of. Ticks can be picked up by dogs in long grass or woodland areas. The ticks can attach themselves to the dog’s head and look like warts. They feed on the dog’s blood and grow in size, and although they will eventually fall off when full, quick removal is essential.

Ticks are the main disease spreader in domestic animals and pass on diseases from one animal to another.

How to remove a tick from your pet

Ticks are best removed using a tick remover which you can carefully slide under the tick and twist till it lets go – this avoids the tick injecting saliva which may carry infections into the animal. There are some good products on the market designed specifically for safe tick removal. Ask your vet for further details on which one would be best for you and your pet.


Certain flea treatments can prevent and kill ticks, so ask your vet for advice on which one would be best for your dog.