Useful links

Veterinary and Welfare Organisations

  • RCVS – Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
    The RCVS is the governing body for the veterinary profession. It regulates educational, ethical and clinical standards within the profession.
  • BSAVA – British Small Animal Veterinary Association
    The BSAVA exists to promote excellence in small animal practice through education and science.
  • BVNA – British Veterinary Nursing Association
    The aim of the BVNA is to promote animal health and welfare through the ongoing development of professional excellence in veterinary nursing.
  • Dogs Trust
    The Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. It cares for thousands of dogs in 20 rehoming centres and will provide a permanent home for life for dogs that cannot be rehomed.
  • Cats Protection
    Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. Their objectives are the homing of cats in need, neutering and informing the public.
  • Kennel Club
    The Kennel Club is the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs.  The website contains a wealth of information about getting a dog, choosing a breeder, training and dog health.
  • PDSA
    The PDSA are the UK’s leading pet charity. They are dedicated to improving pet well being by educating owners, preventing disease and treating sick and injured pets for people in need.
  • Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund
    The Rabbit Welfare Fund is a charity working to improve the lives of domestic rabbits through education and communication.
  • RSPCA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    The UK’s largest animal welfare charity. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of thousands of animals each year in England and Wales. They offer advice on caring for all animals and campaign to change laws that will protect them, which they enforce through prosecution.
  • The Cinnamon Trust 
    The Cinnamon Trust is a national charity which helps people in their later years care for their pets so they can stay together.  They can walk dogs, foster pets if owners need to go into hospital and help with finding Pet Friendly Care Homes when the time comes

Behaviour and training

  • Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors
    The APBC is a network of experienced and qualified pet behaviour counsellors who work on referral from veterinary surgeons to treat behavioural problems.
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers
    The APDT is a voluntary organisation. They can provide information to help owners find the right puppy, decide on a training class and provide advice on common training problems.
  • The Blue Dog – Interacting with dogs
    This website contains useful information about choosing a new dog, how to integrate them into the family and how to own a well-behaved dog.

Companion Animal Health

  • Cat Professional
    This website is dedicated to providing specialist feline veterinary care and advice to cat owners and veterinary professionals.
  • CICADA – The companion animal disease survey
    CICADA is an online reporting, monitoring and mapping tool to keep track of infectious diseases in dogs, cats and rabbits. This website allows you to check what diseases have been recorded in your area.
  • ESCCAP – The European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites
    Developing guidelines for the treatment and control of parasites in pet animals. They offer travel advice to owners wishing to take their animals abroad.
  • Feliway
    Feliway is a pheromone product that reduces stress in cats and can help with behavioural problems such as spraying and scratching.
  • Firework fear 
    Adaptil is a pheromone that helps relieve stress in dogs in a variety of situations including separation from owners and firework fear
  • International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisor Bureau)
    International Cat Care has a vision that “all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion and understanding”. Their website provides information about their current projects, and an advice section about health, care, breeding and behaviour of cats.
  • Lungworm
    Lungworm is a parasite that can cause serious health problems in dogs. Find out about how to prevent your dog suffering from the disease.
  • Pet Health Information from the National Organisation of Animal Health
    The Pet Health Information website is a ‘one stop shop’ featuring a wealth of animal health information and advice to enable owners and potential owners to make decisions about their pet’s healthcare.
  • Royal Canin Pet Nutrition
    We recommend Royal Canin Pet Foods. They offer a variety of foods to suit every pet.
  • Vetmedin
    If your dog has been prescribed Vetmedin for a heart condition, this website can give you more information about heart disease and how Vetmedin can help.


  • Pet Air UK
    Pet Air UK specialises in transporting pets abroad and can help you with all aspects of exporting
  • Pet Travel Scheme
    The government department responsible for pet travel. For the most up-to-date information if you are thinking of taking your pet abroad, please see their website.