Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat Friendly Clinic logoMildmay Veterinary Hospital has achieved silver accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC). The CFC programme has been developed by the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of the leading feline charity International Cat Care. It aims to promote well-being and high standards of care for all cats visiting or being hospitalised in a veterinary clinic. As well as being the only veterinary hospital in Winchester, Mildmay is also now the only veterinary practice in Winchester to have been awarded the cat friendly clinic accreditation.

The CFC programme requires the veterinary practice to adhere to a set of guidelines which includes cat friendly facilities and can demonstrate that staff are aiming to reduce stress in cats, both as in-patients and out-patients. For the silver award, the clinic is required to have a separate dog and cat waiting area, feline-friendly hospitalisation cages, and veterinary equipment specifically for treating cats. Most importantly, staff must have been trained to approach and handle cats sensitively and respectfully, and maintain high standards of veterinary care, including continuing to update their knowledge of feline medicine as new treatments and information become available.

Nikki Hoad (MRCVS) is the clinic’s cat advocate, believes that “making a visit to the veterinary surgery as stress free as possible makes a big difference to cats and their owners.” The practice offers advice on reducing stress when transporting your cat to the surgery, has a cat only waiting area and provides an elevated cat basket stand for your cat while you wait. As a Cat Friendly Clinic, all of our vets and nurses understand that cats need to be approached in a gentle, calm and empathetic way to minimise their anxiety during their visit to us. Hospitalised cats are provided with feline friendly cat kennels that provide hiding places and are large enough to comfortably house your cat for more than a 24 hour period. Cat owners can find out more about International Cat Care and the Cat Friendly Clinic initiative at